UFC’s Colby Covington, the athletic embodiment of Trump’s politics

The American fighter needs little excuse to profess his support for the US president. But more interesting is what his actions tell us about the first family

Colby Covington dominated former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler en route to victory in Newark, New Jersey. Once the final bell sounded, Covington climbed the cage and pointed at Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump in celebration while the US president’s sons cheered him on. Moments later, he would begin his post-fight interview with a political statement.

“I was truly inspired when the first family came in the building and came to see me backstage,” Covington said. “Let’s give it up for the Trumps. They’re keeping America great.”

And indeed, several of the Trump siblings were in attendance that night specifically to support Covington – the athletic personification of Trump’s political ideology.

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