Best Arbing Bet Apps

Arbitrage betting is an appealing way of taking part in sports betting. It’s used by many bettors around the world due to the risk-free nature of arbing. Where the outcome of the event doesn’t necessarily affect your bets.

You have to be careful, though, sportsbooks aren’t the biggest fan of bettors who choose arbing as a betting style. This is because a sportsbook wants to make money off of you, not the other way around. Arbs are differences in the odds available for a particular event, as offered by two different sportsbooks.

Taking advantage of this discrepancy between two bookies means you can bet for either outcome. This is how you can make a profit cashing in on the difference from the back and lay bets. As the world of online gambling has grown with each new technological advancement, so has the convenience of it all.

Bettors now use phones or tablets to place their bets. Many online sportsbooks are compatible with mobile browsers, and you can use them on many different devices. You no longer need to sit behind your desktop computer to enjoy sports betting online. Read on to find out the best arbing apps on the market and start wagering today.

Arbitrage betting apps

Arbitrage software and exchanges provide the platform for placing arbitrage bets. These platforms can be available on desktop as well as mobile. You can use one of the following apps to find the most profitable bets available on the go.


BetDaq is one of the most well-known betting exchanges, rivaling Betfair. It’s been around for two decades and is currently the second-largest online betting exchange. Although you aren’t playing against a sportsbook, there are still some fees involved.

The exchange provides the collective online space for bettors to use. You can request or provide odds for a given event on BetDaq. The platform will take a small commission for providing the service. BetDaq has an appealing commission rate of 2%. Which is lower than its rival, Betfair. This often makes it an attractive exchange for professional bettors.

BetDaq has an increasing number of third-party applications that are compatible with the exchange as well. This means you can use apps and run bots to automate your betting process if you want to.

If BetDaq is your exchange of choice, you can download it on iOS and Android operating systems from the Apple App Store or Google Play, respectively.


Betfair is the most common online exchange, and it sits as the number one rated platform today. There are over 30 sports and hundreds if not thousands of sporting events to choose from on Betfair’s exchange. You can even use back and lay betting for the games provided on Betfair’s exchange platform.

Betfair has a cascading commission policy. It mainly depends on how often you place wagers online. New bettors will have to pay a 5% commission fee to Betfair, which is quite steep for many newbies. But if you’re a casual bettor looking to start arbing, you can expect a lower commission fee of around 2%.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appeal to many bettors looking to capitalize on winnings. But there is a good selection of sports on offer at Betfair’s exchange. If you’d like to use this platform to find your arbs and place your bets, you can download the Betfair exchange app.

Note that Betfair also has a standard sportsbook available online, which is now separate from the exchange. The exchange app is available for both Apple and Android users and can be found in the respective app stores.


Matchbook exchange joins the likes of BetDaq and Smarkets with its low commission, coupled with an easy to use interface. If you are looking to enhance your arbing experience, Matchbook exchange has an expanding number of compatible third-party applications for that purpose.

Matchbook does boast a low commission rate, but it’s not as simple as that. The progressive commission rates of this exchange are similar to Betfair’s cascading commission policy. If you request prices on Matchbook, the exchange will work for you. But if you take existing rates, then you might be paying a little more than you expect.

Matchbook exchange is still an appealing option to many bettors, as the starting commission for new users is much fairer than on Betfair or other platforms. The Matchbook exchange app is available for iOS and Android users.


Unlike its competitors, Smarkets doesn’t offer any compatible third-party applications. But this isn’t the be-all and end-all of an exchange. Smarkets is another exchange that offers impressively low commission rates, sitting at a stable 2%. Smarkets offers fair prices and is one of the best-suited exchanges for arbitrage or matched betting.

The flat rate for commission appeals to many, as you won’t be expected to fork out more even if you’re a regular bettor. Smarkets does quite the opposite and rewards you if you place more than 1,500 bets in a month. The award is the “pro tier” commission bracket that you will fall into. If you qualify, you’re only eligible to pay a 1% commission fee.

Unfortunately, Smarkets doesn’t offer as many sports and sporting events as its arbing rivals, but the platform is slick and easy to navigate. Smarkets’ mobile arbing app is available on devices running on iOS and Android.

How to start arbitrage betting?

The process of beginning your online betting journey as an arbitrage bettor is straightforward. You can select your favorite arbing app from our list and download the app to the gadget of your choice. Most arbing apps and exchanges are free for download on Apple or Google stores.

Then you register on the platform by following the prompts, deposit into your account, and start betting. The app will do it all for you in terms of finding available odds. You just have to pick your event and make your bets. Once the game is over, you’ll enjoy your profits.

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